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5 Ways To Let Go, Get Over Them & Move On

Repeating the same conversation, fight or emotional memory of someone over and over again in your mind?

It may have been a fight with a:

-girlfriend / wife

-boyfriend / husband


-boss / manager


-family member

And the thoughts feel like a broken record and you're stuck in a loop of overthinking or feeling betrayed, hurt or disappointed.

All of our relationships, from loving intimate ones, to platonic, family, or work related ones can make us feel a whole slew of emotions from sad to angry to upset and powerless.

This video will teach you 5 key ways to start letting go off these emotional blocks and pain, get over a person, conflict or feeling, and move on so you can feel peace within yourself and your relationships with others.

Get ready to build awareness, understanding, forgiveness and feel like a new you!



The quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our relationships. Most importantly, starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

Hi, my name is Giovanna Elias and on this channel I'm going to show you how the communication and connection you have with yourself and your inner world directly impact the relationships, the connection and the success you have in your outer world in every area of your life.

Hi ladies and gents and welcome to

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My name is Giovanna Elias and i am a Human Connection Expert,

and on this channel we talk all things communication skills, interpersonal

relationship and social skills, and emotional intelligence and

leadership skills.

So without further ado, let's jump right into this week's fun stuff!

We are going to talk about the Five Ways To Get Over Them and Move On!

But here's the catch…

we want to move on with loving, pure energy within us so let's jump right

into the content today!

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So just before we get right down to the

nitty-gritty of these five things…

we really want to understand that in

order to move forwards in our life,

after any conflict may have occurred with someone,

we actually want to build a greater sense of understanding

and when we understand someone, when we

understand what's going on inside of them here and here,

we can then actually move forwards with

a greater sense of peace and compassion.

So most of you must probably be

imagining that when i talk about moving on and getting over someone that i'm probably referring to a girlfriend or boyfriend…and yes this is one of the cases, but many times as well we also may find ourselves having conflicts with either: a boss, a manager, a business partner, friends, even family, and so any of these areas where conflict may occur, where harsh feelings have come up and we really just want to let it go and move on and move forwards in our lives and get over it… get over those harsh feelings that we're holding on to this video applies to you.

So let's jump into it the five ways to move on and get over them.

Let's learn right now so the first way that you actually want

to get over someone, get over a conflict,

and move forwards in your life with a

sense of peace of mind is actually by:


And what this really means is opening up the dialogue with the person

and asking them what it is that took place, what happened,

where are they at, how are they feeling, what was going on

here when decisions were made, when words were said, when actions were taken, that way you actually gain a greater understanding of their perspective on things when you ask.

Here's the catch though…

when you're asking, you're not going running in with your guns a-blazing and

ready to fight back…it’s not like that.

You actually want to go in with your energy calm, with your heart open

and your whole body and mind receptive…

and this in turn is going to change the whole direction of the conversation and build a greater sense of understanding between you both.

The second aspect to this that really feeds off of asking is: listening.

And listening is so crucial and what it really means to listen is to

be fully 100% present.

That your eyes are with the person.

That you are not only hearing what they're saying to you through their

words but you're also very aware of what their body language is also saying to you. That you go in to listen to be receptive with the intention of learning, of growing, of evolving and listening in to the feedback and constructive criticism that this person may have for you.

In listening, you can actually learn and grow and evolve a great deal

and listening is the very thing that too builds a greater sense of understanding. Listening also piggybacks off of the third thing and this is:

practicing empathy and compassion…

and this is really about seeing the other person's perspective,

creating even more of that sense of understanding between both parties,

therefore we can really see how it is

that they feel and how that led to the actions that

they took, and when we understand their feelings

and we understand their actions and we

illustrate a sense of compassion towards them,

a sense of empathy towards them,

not only is that beneficial for them

but in reality it's actually very healing for you.

It offers you a greater sense of peace and awareness and insight into the

actions that they took and why it may not in reality be so much about you.

In showing empathy and an embodying an energy of compassion,

you may actually come to discover that

your perspectives on things are actually quite different,

that the way in which you feel about certain circumstances, your filters on life, your perspective on things, may be entirely different and in actually asking, followed by listening, followed by showing up with this empathy and compassion, you now are that one step deeper towards understanding and seeing the angle of the other person from their point of view, from their filters, from their perspective on life as opposed to yours and when we see things from the perspective of someone else this too gives us perspective and it actually takes away that really heated sense of emotion.

It allows us to feel more healed, to forgive on a deeper level and to be able

to move forwards with a greater sense of peace within us.

So the fourth way to get over that

feeling, to get over that conflict, to get over that relationship and to move

forwards with a sense of peace is actually through: accepting

and taking a hundred percent responsibility.

and so as the classic saying goes: it takes two to tango.

Therefore we are both responsible for any situation that takes place

and the moment that you accept that you lean into that acceptance,

that you look at things and take

responsibility for what does take place in your life,

you can now surrender and you can lean into trusting the unknown

trusting the direction that life is taking you, 

and when we do so we can recognize that everything actually happens to us in order to learn that we are meant to grow and evolve from every circumstance and from there we actually prepare ourselves for something even greater yet to come.

So you really want to lean back into that sense of acceptance

and rather than fighting or resisting

against what is taking place just allow and observe

come from a place of peace look into it with a greater sense of

understanding and ask yourself what have you learned from this position,

therefore you can surrender into the unknown and take those lessons with

you into your future.

So the fifth and final way to get over

someone and some sort of situation that is creating that feeling inside of you

is actually through implementing healthy habits into your daily life,

and so when we implement healthy habits

such as eating a very clean diet, exercising daily,

doing morning or evening meditations,

journaling, doing anything that raises our energetic

vibration every single day of our lives,

we now position ourselves in a stronger place.

In a healthier place mentally, emotionally and physically

and therefore we can actually make wiser choices moving forwards

we can see things from a broader perspective, from a healthier, calmer, more relaxed perspective.

And very naturally we'll just feel great within ourselves.

And when you feel great, you can actually

move forwards with that sense of peace and love within you too.

So implementing healthy habits is really

extremely beneficial for you and your

overall well-being moving forwards for the rest of your

Life… you have absolutely nothing to lose by doing so!

So there you go ladies and gents!

Those are the five ways to get over them, get

over those feelings that conflict, and to

move forwards in your life with a sense

of peaceful energy within you.

So what were they?

Number one: you want to approach the person and ask with an open

heart and a receptive energy

Number two: you want to listen and be genuinely present and receptive to any feedback they have for you

Number three: you want to approach the conversation with empathy and a sense of compassion to build a greater sense of understanding

Number four: you want to accept the situation take

full responsibility and trust the unknown and

Number five: you want to implement healthy habits into your daily life.

Now the last thing I really want to

stress here guys is that if for whatever

reason you can't open those doors again

of communication with someone else and ask them and listen then

i suggest tuning inwards into your unconscious

and asking yourself intuitively

what were the lessons you learned,

listening inwards to that inner guidance

system within you, and really hearing

what it is that you need to learn and

know moving forwards into your future.

Now if you guys want to know how to do

that on a deeper level we'll save that

for another video to come thank you so

much for being here with me today on

another episode here on the connection

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