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We all do it!

We repeat the same few bad habits over and over again, hoping that someday we'll somehow break them!

This can include eating unhealthy foods, waking up too late, going to bed too late, never showing up on time, committing and then cancelling plans, writing a to-do list and never completing it, exercising inconsistently or almost never, smoking, drinking too much, watching a lot of porn, complaining, judging or gossiping about others, and the list goes on!

These habits don't make us bad people, they just make us feel trapped and stuck in a vicious cycle that we can't get out of.

In this video, you will learn the 5 action steps you can implement everyday to start breaking bad habits, and build a better relationship first with yourself and then with the people in your lives!

I want to thank the great work of youtuber @MattD'avella for his video contribution of "The Two Day Rule," as well as Neuroscientist and Podcaster @Dr.AndrewHuberman for his contributions on Dopamine and how it impacts our ability to build healthy habits!

Enjoy and leave comments below letting me know your thoughts on what you learned today and how it helped you!!!

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