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4 Reasons Why You Must Communicate!

Communication skills, social skills and interpersonal relationship skills are sooooooooo important in order to build healthy, meaningful relationships, AND to succeed in every area of your life!

As Tony Robbins says "the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships." In order to have a quality life, we must have quality relationships....BUT WAIT.... in order to have quality relationships, we must be able to communicate well with your family, friends, romantic partners, coworkers and even strangers!

In this video, you will learn 4 essential reasons why effective communication will change your life, and help you get one step closer to deeper conversations and connections with others, whether you feel socially awkward and shy or whether you are experiencing conflict with people in your life.



The quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our relationships. Most importantly, starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

Hi, my name is Giovanna Elias and on this channel I'm going to show you how the communication and connection you have with yourself and your inner world directly impact the relationships, the connection and the success you have in your outer world in every area of your life.

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The Four Reasons Why You Must Communicate now when i'm talking about communication.

I really want to specify that i'm talking about effective, conscious, clear communication: the best kind we can ever have in order to build deep meaningful connections with the

people in our lives. 

So the first reason we must communicate is to break down barriers and what this really means is to gain a greater understanding of the reality that the

person or people we're communicating with have what we really need to understand is that we all share different realities.

We all have different stories of what we see the world as and we have different filters and perspectives on the world so when we can begin to break down these barriers, open

up communication, share with each other, and really truly understand the other person's perspectives, their stories on life, the way they view the world, their filters,

when we really gain an understanding for that now we can begin to break down the barriers that we create these invisible barriers between people and now truly build deeper

stronger connections with the people in our lives. 

Breaking down barriers for example can look like learning someone else's language when you learn someone else's language you're really getting at

the core of how someone thinks how they feel how they experience the world and this is one of the best ways of creating very deep connection with someone

another way of breaking down barriers is by having controversial conversations.

For example it could look like putting people with two very opposing views of the world in the same room and this way in dialoguing and communicating effectively you can

really start to break down barriers the second reason is really about letting go of the you're holding on to and what this really means is getting the closure that you need finding

the peace within yourself that you've been looking for for the longest time have you ever felt that there's been some sort of secret or something you've been holding on to

forever within yourself and you just never really shared it.

It's actually about time that you communicate it and you share it in a safe space for example many women that have experienced rape they hold on to the heaviness of those

emotions that experience for the longest time without ever communicating it or even something some conflict between family that you hold inside of you you bottle up for the

longest time instead of just sharing with your family where you're coming from what you feel what your experiences have been over the years this way when you actually

finally communicate you open up about how you're feeling you can relieve yourself of that stress you can feel that much lighter within yourself and ultimately you tend to step

towards connection with the people you shared it with in your life the third reason we must communicate is because they don't know this is all about awareness and this is

really about making the people in our lives aware of where our head is at and where our heart is at that when we don't communicate how we're feeling or what our needs are

or boundaries are people can't know and therefore they can't make changes according to what our needs are if we don't communicate with them so if we want changes to be

made in our lives especially in the relationships that we have we have to let people in we have to let them know what is the classic saying say to assume is to make an ass out

of you and me so just don't do it communicate and prevent all of those problems forever even needing to happen to begin with so the fourth and arguably most

important reason why we must communicate as human beings is for deep meaningful human connection and why would we do that well studies have actually come to show

over the years that meaningful human connection actually gives us a release of oxytocin in our body and this is the very thing that makes us feel happy it makes us feel loved

and cared for and fulfilled and so what not a better reason to communicate than to simply feel that connection and that release of oxytocin in our body that simply makes us

feel the pleasure of love and care the very thing i would say we all live for so there you have it folks those are the four reasons why we must communicate

#1: so that we can break down barriers and gain a greater sense of understanding amongst all of us as humans

#2: so we can finally let go of the that we're holding on to

#3: because the people in our lives may have no idea what it is that's going on in our head and heart and

#4: to build those deep meaningful human connections that way we can get that rush of oxytocin and really feel that loving fulfilling feeling in

our lives.

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