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The Ultimate Guide to Find Peace In This Messy World

The world has a way of throwing curve balls, obstacles, challenges, overwhelming situations, unexpected events and wild experiences at us!

If we don't know how to find and maintain peace within ourselves, regardless of all the crazy things happening around us, we eventually will break down and succumb to mental or physical illness.

In this video, you will learn the 6 factors you can implement into your life and your everyday relationships in order to feel a sense of calmness, peace and happiness, rather than stress, anxiety and suffering. You'll also hear about the longest running study ever done by Harvard University, and what they discovered was the #1 thing we all need to feel joy and fulfillment in our lives!

While the world can feel messy and wild sometimes... it can also be viewed from a brighter, more fulfilling, conscious lens.

Enjoy this ultimate guideline and find peace from within again!


Hey everyone and welcome to another week here on The Connection Code. My name is Giovanna Elias I'm a Human Connection

Expert, and this week on The Connection Code, we're going to dive into The Ultimate Guide To Finding Peace In This Messy World… so stay with us right to the very end lots of juicy tidbits for you guys.

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So without further ado, let's dive into: The Ultimate Guide To Finding Peace In This Messy World.

So let's kick it off with the first

thing and I know this may sound totally

cheesy, super overdone and you know we hear it all the time,

but do we actually implement it into our lives.

Well ladies and gents, this is meditation.

And meditating daily is actually super extremely powerful for creating

peace in your life. The University of California's health

center actually said there is a whole slew of benefits that meditation can

offer us so one of the first benefits is that it actually reduces stress

and stress related illnesses and let's be honest who wouldn't really want that.

The second thing meditation does is it actually improves our attention span.

The third thing is that it develops mental discipline to be able to toss

away those old bad habits.

The fourth thing is that it lowers anxiety and depression,

and between you and me I had anxiety for many many years… probably since I came out of the womb and meditation was one of the very few

things that had a very powerful impact on changing my life and really

experiencing peace for the very first time, so it's a winner!

It's known to reduce chronic pain and also to regulate our emotions, so no

more of those crazy highs and then those lows.

It improves sleep and also memory and we all know that we function so much better when we get a good quality sleep at night;

and it actually helps us build a greater sense of awareness and understanding about ourselves, and ultimately a greater understanding

and compassion for other people.

And this actually leads me to my second point of how do we build peace in our lives and move away from this messy messy world

and that's actually through offering compassion.

Now here's the thing about compassion… it actually starts with ourselves.

So when we offer first and foremost ourselves compassion when we release that shame attached to all of the crazy messy things that we do that we really dislike about ourselves, when we start to find that loving place for ourselves again, we can then actually be kinder,

more compassionate, and more understanding to the people in our lives-

and we all know that when we show up with compassion in our relationships we actually build healthier relationships overall.

So this leads me to my third piece on how to bring more peace into our lives when we are living in this messy world, and that is to kill with

kindness. So we've all heard this expression to “kill with kindness” before

but what does it actually mean?

Well if you ever find yourself in a conflict or confrontational situation

with someone or maybe somebody did something that disappointed you or didn't quite meet your expectations, rather than going at them with this

abrasive intensive aggressive type of energy,

you actually want to kill them with kindness- and this really looks like showing up with a very kind, gentle energy.

It doesn't mean being walked all over

and not setting boundaries. Actually quite the contrary. What it

really means is finding that peaceful place, that loving gentle place within yourself and offering that kind energy to someone else.

When you communicate very clearly with them, letting them know exactly how you feel and what actually could be done differently the second time around, so rather than, like I said, going at someone with this abrasive energy because really what that does is that creates someone putting up a guard towards you, you want to actually go at them with a kind energy,

a gentle energy, kill them with your kindness and watch how they'll actually respond with that gentle energy back at you.

So this actually leads to the fourth way we can build peace within us in this hectic crazy messy world… and that is to build quality Relationships.

Now the longest study done by Harvard University a 75-year study to be exact actually tested and did research on what it is that causes the greatest sense of happiness in people's lives

and the number one thing they came to discover was that it was the quality of our relationships. Not the quantity necessarily but the quality of

relationships we have with family, with friends, with co-workers, with partners, lovers, even complete strangers, that is what made the difference in how fulfilled we felt in our lives. so when we can build these quality relationships in all these areas of our lives, then we actually build a greater sense of peace within us overall.

The fifth thing that I say really brings peace to you is when you do something that sets your soul on fire. Now what does that even mean?

It's something that makes you come alive that makes your soul, your spirit come to life. That you feel so passionate about that, that you get lost in this flow of a moment. You want to be doing things that set your soul on fire as often as possible because this is what really takes you out of your mind into your body, into those flow states and feeling that greater deeper sense of peace within you.

The last and final thing y'all can do and I think this is a great piece is to go for nature walks everybody knows that when you're out in nature you feel rejuvenated recharged refreshed and even just the motion of walking can calm the body clear the mind and reconnect us with the

simple pleasures and the simple beauties of life.

So go for those nature walks and feel as that peace comes back into your body and into your life again.

Ladies and gents, we live in a beautiful world but it can also feel really messy sometimes. So what do we want to do just to recap just to bring back that peace to our lives again every single day: we want to

meditate on a daily basis, we want to offer compassion to first

ourselves and also to the people in our lives we want to kill with kindness that way we're not going at life and at our relationships with conflicting energy, but rather with a sense of kindness, gentleness and compassion.

We want to build quality relationships because that's what really makes us feel fulfilled in this life.

We want to do things daily that set our soul on fire, that bring passion and flow into our lives, and we want to go for those nature walks because let's face it, they calm us, they make us feel good, they allow us to reconnect with the simple pleasures of life.

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I'm a Human Connection Expert and until next week guys.

Until next week!

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