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2 Ways to Build Better Relationships With Clarity

Find yourself uncertain of what you want or why you feel the way you do?

OR you feel unheard and misunderstood?

Often these problems arise in any of our relationships because we lack CLARITY! When we are unclear about our thoughts and feelings, so too is our communication with others... and this only leads to further complications!

In this video, you will learn ways to gain clarity, why clarity is so important for your relationship success, and the 2 main components of clarity and communication to build a stronger, healthier relationship with yourself and others!


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The quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our relationships. Most importantly, starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

Hi, my name is Giovanna Elias and on this channel I'm going to show you how the communication and connection you have with yourself and your inner world directly impact the relationships, the connection and the success you have in your outer world in every area of your life.

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode here on The Connection Code.

My name is Giovanna Elias.

I'm a Human Connection and Communication Expert, and on this channel we talk about how to build deep meaningful human connections in every area of our lives, starting from our relationships at work with our bosses, employees, co-workers, to our families, our friends, our loved ones, our romantic partners, our kids, and even complete strangers.

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So without further ado, let's dive into today's subject:

The Two Ways To Build Better Relationships With Clarity.

Now I just want to touch on the subject of clarity for a moment…because clarity both here and here and mentally and emotionally are so important to have in our lives in order to make powerful decisions, in order to make clear judgments, in order to communicate with such clarity, in order to ultimately build these strong deeper connections with other people and feel heard and understood.

What is the number one way to build these stronger relationships, these

better more meaningful and deep connections with other people?

The first way is to be clear: first within yourself

so this really includes needing to know

what you want,

what you need,

what are your boundaries

what are your beliefs

how do they lead you to feel


what are your expectations

so in order to be more clear about what

it is, I want to share with you guys i'm

going to tell you a little story

and i'm going to talk about a couple

named Jean and Taylor.

Now jean wants to have a better relationship with Taylor in the bedroom.

She feels like something is missing

but she's not really quite sure exactly

what she wants,

what she needs,

what her expectations are,

what her boundaries are or what are even

her deepest beliefs and how that’s leading her to feel.

So gene takes time out for herself

and she begins to journal.

She goes for walks daily to really get

clear on what's going on within her.

She starts to take notes throughout her

day as things come up, as feelings and

ideas come up, and she even sits down and meditates on

it to really get a clear understanding

of how it is that she's thinking and feeling.

Now that she's become clear within herself, she has realized that what she really wants is to have a deeper conversation and

maybe even a back rub or a foot massage leading up to sex with her partner Taylor.

What she needs is to feel deeply connected with her partner.

What her boundaries are is that her partner doesn't just simply expect

sex on a whim every given time.

What she expects is that her partner warms her up mentally and physically

leading up to the act and what she believes is that in order to have meaningful deeply connected sex with a partner,

the warm-up is extremely crucial… and that when that doesn't happen,

it makes her feel that her pleasure is not important,

and it makes her feel extremely disappointed.

So jean has now gotten the number one step down.

She's journaled, meditated, gone for walks and reflected upon exactly

what she wants, needs, feels, believes, expects, and what her boundaries are, and now that she's mastered this, we can move on to number two…

and this is:

Clear communication with the other person.

So the first step to having clear communication with someone else in this

case a romantic partner is actually to remove

all distractions from the environment that the last thing you want to happen, especially when talking about a sensitive subject like this is to have your phone go off notifications ringing and dinging

and you turning your attention elsewhere.

The second thing is that you want to be concise with your message.

You don't want to be running in circles to the point that the person is actually confused about what it is that you wish to share.

So in being concise in this case, Jean can say to her partner: babe what i need is to feel deeply connected to you and what i really desire is that we can give each other massages, foot rubs or a back rub before… you know… leading up to the good stuff.

What i expect is that there's a little bit of mental and emotional and physical stimulation that i don't particularly enjoy when i feel that sex is something that's just expected of me on a whim.

When you're ready and that i really feel connected to you and i really feel that you care about my pleasure when we do these things and when we have this warm-up together.

Now it may feel a bit silly, it may feel a bit odd or awkward in the beginning

especially when you're pouring your heart out and you're being courageously vulnerable and sharing your thoughts and feelings

but trust me when i say having this structure and being very clear about your wants, your desires, your needs, your expectations, your beliefs

all of these things will actually make

for a much more fluid loving

conversation that can ultimately lead to deeper understanding and connection.

Now the last piece to all of this to really solidify and clarify the message

is to actually ask the person back what it is that they understood,

that way when they repeat what it is

that you said you'll really see clearly

whether they really understood the

message in the way in which you expressed it or whether they interpreted it in a completely different way.

This will now put both of you on the

same page so you both know what each

other want and desire and expect and need

in a relationship and in this case,

particularly in the bedroom.

Now I want to stress that while i'm

talking about an intimate couple, an

intimate relationship, in this case

this applies to every single relationship

that you can even think about: at the

workplace when there is a lack of clarity and a

lack of clear communication and a lack

of understanding of what you even want

to have accomplished on the job.

It's also very hard to express that to

your coworkers, to your employees, or to

even your boss or managers

and this creates for a lot of long-term


So what do we want in order to build better

relationships with the people in our


We want to first: find the clarity within ourselves

and this can often be done through

journaling through going for walks,

reflecting on things and writing them

down, and even through meditation.

And upon understanding deeply within us

what it is that we need, expect, want, what our boundaries and beliefs are,

we now number two: want to be able to communicate those things clearly

and concisely and ask for the person to repeat back

what it is that they heard and understood in order to be on the same page.

So there you have it folks,

this is how powerful clarity is

and how in having clarity within

ourselves and being able to communicate

with such clarity we ultimately can

build stronger better relationships in

all areas of our lives!

My name is Giovanna Elias and I am a Human Connection Expert and thank you for joining me here today on The Connection Code!

Until next week!

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