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How To Talk to People and Build Meaningful Relationships

(Learn how to build authentic personal and professional relationships for a better life)

  • Event Date: October 5, 2023

  • Time: 10am (PST) / 1pm (EST) / 7pm (CET)  

  • Location: Online Event

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    In This Masterclass You Will Learn These Secrets

    To get passed the small talk, meet incredible people, confidently network and date & resolve conflicts with family, romantic partners and colleagues 

    Secret #1

    What holds you back from getting to know other people on a deeper level

    Secret #2

    How to Read People

    Secret #3

    How to have interesting conversations with anyone, anywhere, at anytime

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    When You Learn These Secrets, You Will... 

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    About The Webinar Hosts

    Hey there! We are Tiffeny and Giovanna...

    Research is now showing that social bonding and human connection are essential human needs, just like food and water! 

    Giovanna Elias is a Human Connection and Communication Expert, empowering you to build meaningful personal and professional relationships, resolve misunderstandings, perfect the art of people, and connect on a deeply authentic level. 

    She believes the quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships- which is why she teaches you her 9 key Connection Code™ system to build authentic connections romantically, with family, friends, coworkers and when meeting new people.

    Dr. Tiffeny Farag is a Self-awareness coach and Conversationalist. Her intention is to help people truly understand themselves. In her podcast, Get to Know You, she uses evidence based science and storytelling to dive into questions with insightful people around the world. Questions that drive our behaviour, our thoughts and our relationships with others. New podcast episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Get to Know You today!

    ''I rarely listen to podcasts but Tiffeny’s is a treat, listen to one episode and you’ll be hooked! You rarely come away from a podcast enlightened and uplifted, but this one is gives you both. I love the thought provoking questions and the incredible guests. Thank you for creating such and incredible podcast!''


    ''''Tiffeny’s warmth and openness was what drew me to strike up a conversation with her after a yoga class. Since that time I have been drawn to her authenticity and curiosity about how we relate and build awareness of ourselves. I have explored friendship, business ideas and participated in conversations on her podcast ‘Get To Know You”. I find her insightful and always learn more about myself, others and her every time we communicate. Her willingness to research, blend science and philosophy and question everything, including herself, is the bedrock of what she has to offer the world. I am excited about more ways for people to listen, learn and engage with Tiffeny''

    Leanne Groves

    - Educational Consultant

    ''With an overwhelming abundance of information available, it can be hard to know where to start in improving your self awareness and communication skills. I found the get to know you course to be an easy to understand, flexible and accessible way for me to do this. Tiffeny’s insights have helped me to begin cultivating stronger relationships, and to my surprise, the course has also improved the way I make professional connections''

    Ben Altonen - Engineer

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