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Many men and women who follow my work have reached out to get a bigger sample of it. Because of their interest in communication skills, relationships, E.I., and human connection, I have created 2 free online trainings! These video trainings are based around my 9-Key System known as The Connection Code™.

I chose these top 2 video trainings based on my clients' greatest needs and struggles

Video Training #1

If you are someone who feels awkward or nervous on a first date, at a job interview, when meeting the family, when at a social gathering or networking event...then this video is for you!

*** Transform awkwardness into confidence and nervousness into effortless conversation.

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Video Training #2

Do you wish you could wake up next to your wife making love to her instead of fighting? Or enjoy social outings with your colleagues instead of avoiding them? Or look forward to family dinners rather than dread them?

*** Transform from constantly fighting or avoiding hard conversations, to having fulfilled relationships and connections. 

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