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The Connection Code: The 9 Key Systems to Building Meaningful Relationships Through Conscious Communication.

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Don't struggle any longer with stress, uncertainty, overwhelm, self sabotage, and poor relationships. Let this 4 day pathway program be the beginning of your journey to create the quality life and relationships you want to have! 

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What The Pathway Program™ Does For You

Reduces Stress 

Day 1 dives into the stresses we face daily in life, and the tools and techniques you can implement to find peace and calmness within yourself again!

Gains Clarity on Life

Day 2 addresses the importance and tools to gaining clarity in both your communication and daily actions in order to make more powerful, productive and beneficial decisions and ultimately achieve what you most desire in life!

Builds Confidence

Day 3 we talk about the recipe to building confidence, and how much your life will transform at work, in relationships, with family, while networking or when making friends when you implement this recipe into your life.

Creates Meaningful Connections

Day 4 we discuss the importance of quality relationships. By learning how to connect with the people in your life on a deeper, more meaningful level, you not only improve your health, but you also feel a deep sense of fulfillment, community and belonging.

I guide you through this 4 day journey myself!

On the 4 Day Pathway Journey, you are equipped each day with new tools and techniques that you can implement into your everyday life to experience true transformation in yourself, your quality of life and your relationships with others! I am excited for both you and your growth in this impactful journey you are about to embark on! 

Giovanna Elias

Founder, The Connection Code™ 
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How it works

This is our high level process that we go through with every client of ours.

  • Set aside time daily

  • Each day includes: 

    -A video that is approximately

    40 mins. - 1 hr.

    -Fun exercises + activities

    -Breath work + meditations

    Schedule 1 hr. daily +

    be in a distraction-free environment + be mindful of what comes up for you while on this journey!  

  •   Implement Tools

  • Make notes of the tools and techniques you learn as you go through the Pathway Program.

    Put them together in a note book, and immediately start to implement them into your day to day life.

    Let these tools become routine habits for you over time.

  •  Book a Connection Call    

  • Once you have completed

    The Pathway Program,

    sign up for a FREE 30 minute Connection Call with Giovanna

    and see if there is any further way she can help you!

    Why work with Giovanna

    Working with Giovanna is your shortcut to creating the healthy and fulfilling life you want to live!

    Online at your own pace

    While it is called the 4 day pathway,

    you have the ability to move as quickly or slowly as you wish in this program!

    Well Equipped

    The Pathway Program leaves you completing the course with an abundance of tools, tips, techniques and teachings to transform your life!

    1:1 Connection Call

    Don't feel left on your own after the program to figure things out! Sign up for a free connection call with Giovanna herself and get the support and care you need moving forwards!

    I am ready to start The Pathway Journey today!

    Increase your calmness, clarity, confidence and connection in less than a week!


    Who Uses The 4 Day Pathway Program™

      Stressed Professionals

    This program is a great fit if you work long hours, feel burnt out, are unsatisfied at work, and are living an unbalanced lifestyle.


    This program is a great fit for any company who invests in personal development programs and the overall well being and health of their employees- leading to greater profits, performance, productivity and a proud investment in the company.


    This program is a great fit for you if you have a growth mindset, and love to work on yourself, your goals and want to communicate powerfully, lead greatly, connect deeply and feel more confident to take the quality of your relationships, and life to the next level.

    In Disconnected and Dissatisfying Relationships

    This program is a great fit for you if you feel that your relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, or coworkers are unsatisfying, disconnected or broken.

       Shy, Anxious, Lonely, Unfulfilled

    This program is a great fit for you if you suffer with social anxiety, are shy, lonely, overwhelmed or afraid to meet new people, network, talk in a crowd, give work presentations, or speak up.

     Shame & Self Sabotage

    This program is for you if you experience imposter syndrome, a lack of confidence and constantly criticize yourself, your work, your actions, and feel incompetent in whatever you do. 

    People Love Working With Giovanna

    Working with Giovanna is your shortcut to creating the healthy and fulfilling relationships and life you want!

    Is this just right for me?

    Hop on a FREE personal 30 minute connection call with Giovanna Elias to see if this program is a good fit for you!

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